The heritage

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The heritage

The Archives and the Library materials called "Giorgio de Marchis Bonanni d'Ocre collection. Contemporary Art documents", are been hedging in Archival Superintendence for Abruzzi (rep. n. 96), from March 19, 2002. All data is stored by Giorgio de Marchis in his house during the years as scholar, art critic and chief in many public institutions. The Archives documents are composed by a group of mail between Giorgio de Marchis and many leading figures of our cultural life, totally about 200.000 units: they are letters, snippets, invitations to exhibitions and cultural events, posters, catalogues, photos, someone rare or even unique. They are precious documents of the history of art in Italy and abroad during the Twentieth Century, specially focusing on the Sixties and the Seventies. Moreover, the great library (10.000 volumes) is composed by rare and unique books, such as artists monographs, art exhibitions catalogues, art journals and essays.

The materials are currently being re-organized. On the basis of a detailed analysis, it emerged an order on two sections: Archive and Library, intended by the same Giorgio de Marchis.

For reorganizing all documents, the Foundation from 2006 still nowadays, has collaborators in students and graduated students from the Humanities Department of the University of L'Aquila. The library is available online through SBN portal.

It should be noted that the de Marchis Archive is like the bio-iconographical Archive of the National Modern Art Gallery of Rome: in fact the Foundation Archive could be seen as a precious integration of it.